K9 Instincts: Quality, Affordable Dog Training in San Antonio and the surrounding areas
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These San Antonio dogs loves their training from K9 Instincts!

Quality, Affordable Dog Training in San Antonio

You play an important role in your dog's training.
As a certified member of the APDT and IACP, K9 Instincts offers high quality dog training in San Antonio and the surrounding areas. Services include basic dog training, rehabilitation, doggy boot camp, and boarding. Areas covered include San Antonio, Alamo Heights, New Braunfels, Boerne, Helotes, Schertz, Converse, Hollywood Park, Bulverde, Hondo, and the surrounding areas.

Our Dog Training Philosophy

The K9 Instincts philosophy is centered around the belief that energy is constantly being generated by both people and dogs, and the way that this energy is perceived by the dog determines the exact way in which the dog will percieve you, the human.


Maiya's dog training led to her successful adoption! Maiya

Thank you Nathan for adopting Maiya!!

Carlos Jech is a member of:


Dog Training Takes Teamwork
Don't think of training your dog as a you versus your dog endeavor. Think, instead, about the two of you being on the same team.

Understanding Why Dogs Misbehave
Even the most well-trained dog misbehaves once in a while. But don't make the mistake of interpreting your dog's actions in human terms.

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