Main objective of the Aggression Rehabilitation Program is to produce a calm, stable and well balanced dog that is no longer a danger to society, to the family or to other animals

If your dog is showing signs of aggression, seek professional help immediately! Aggression issues almost always become worse over time. Growling, nipping, biting, staring, stalking, snarling and snapping are some behaviors that demand attention as soon as they are detected. Don't panic, don't procrastinate, call K9 Instincts for help NOW!

Is your dog aggressive toward adults, children, dogs, cats, other animals... you?

K9 Instincts offers an aggression rehabilitationprogram for dogs with mild to serious aggression issues.

Dogs with aggression issues need specialized handling/training and Carlos has experiencedealing with extremely aggressive dogs.

This program takes a no-nonsense approach to dog aggression - dogs are rehabilitated, owners are trained.

The main focus of this program is producing a calm, submissive, stable and well balanced dog that is no longer a danger to society, to the family or to other animals.

Aggression rehabilitation includes 'superficial' obedience commands (sit, down, stay, wait, come and heel) The main focus is the dog's aggression rehabilitation.

The Board & Train Program is highly recommended for dogs with aggression issues. The reason behind this is that most aggressive/dominant dogs do not view their owners as pack leaders. If this is the case, attempting to correct aggression can cause dogs to strike out at their owners, correcting their owners the way they would correct another dog... with a bite! (Dogs from 7 months to 10 years will be accepted for the board and train.)

Aggressive dogs go through a strenuous exercise program while at K9 Instincts: the tread mill, the bicycle and long walks. "An idle mind is the devil's workshop"!

Aggressive dogs learn to be part of a 'calm and stable pack' while at K9 Instincts. Keeping a dog away from other dogs causes him/her to forget how to socialize and just be a dog.

Before making the heartbreaking decision to have your aggressive dog put to death, please contact the aggression specialist, the Canine Instincts Training Academy!

Call or email today for price quotes and to schedule a private evaluation of your dog. (due to overwhelming amounts of 'spam', please do not change the subject line of emails, otherwise your email may be deleted)

Please, serious inquiries only.


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