Main objective of Basic Obedience is to build reliable
communication skills between dog and handler

K9 Instincts offers several program options for our clients and their dogs. We will always begin with a free over-the-phone "pre-meeting" in order to gather some basic information from you in regards to your particular, unique situation. We understand every dog and every owner is different, so we listen to your issues, your goals and expectations and then offer you our professional recommendation based upon the information you have provided. Please call us for further details on any or all of the programs listed below. 

Your dog will learn...

  • Basic commands - name, quiet, sit, down, stay, wait, come, heel, in/out.

  • Hand commands, as well as the verbal commands, both on and off leash.

  • How to be a better companion; how to be calm/submissive.

  • How to have better manners, greater self-confidence and become more relaxed as a result.

  • How to learn. He will start to think about situations, rather than just reacting to them.

  • How to maintain a greater attention span; to attain a foundation of understanding that will make further training easier for both dog and owner.


You will learn...

  • To communicate with your dog, using effective body language, proper voice tonality, superior timing and the dog's natural canine instincts.

  • How to be seen as a true pack leader in the eyes of your dog.

  • How to 'speak canine'; how to know what your dog is thinking and how he is going to react in certain situations. You will learn to 'read' your dog.

  • How to work your dog with a 20 foot, or longer, leash and eventually off-leash.

  • How to properly use a remote collar with your dog, if desired.

  • How to greet strange dogs; keeping your composure in unpredictable situations.

  • You will be given a beginner's course on the 'wolf pack theory' and the art of effective canine communication.



  • Basic Obedience includes Puppy Rearing for young dogs (housetraining, chewing, digging, socialization, basic nutrition, grooming and health care)

  • Your dog's training is customized to meet your family's specifications.

  • Training methods that match your dog's personality, temperament and learning capability.

  • Training is taken at your pace, at your convenience.

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