Main objective of the Board &Train Program is to have Canine Instincts professionally train/rehabilitate your dog for you first, then teach you how to work with your 'new' dog afterwards

What's included with the Boot Camp?

Boarding: In a home environment, not a boarding kennel.

Training: 15 commands (Basic Obedience). 7 commands (Aggression Rehabilitation). All verbally and with hand signals.

Off-leash training: Your dog will be trained reliably off-leash in 28 days with select programs (No off-leash 'guarantee' with Behavior or Aggression Rehab programs).

Behavior modification: Any and all that may be necessary for your dog. Available with any program.

Care: 24 hour in-home and emergency care of your dog, unlike boarding facilities where the kennel technicians leave at night.

Feeding: Your dog will be fed his or her own food at no extra charge, unlike boarding facilities that charge extra to feed your dog its own food.

Extras: Any medications/medical treatment will be administered at no extra charge. Most boarding facilities charge extra to administer medications.

Send home: You will receive a 2 hour send home lesson the day your dog goes home.

Follow up lessons: Unlimited phone and email follow up lessons for owners, for the life of the dog.


Main objectives of the Boot Camp...

To professionally train/rehabilitate your dog for you; customized to meet your family's specific needs and wants.

To teach you to reinforce what your dog has learned.

To ensure that your dog will maintain a consistent level of thinking, rather than just reacting to each situation at hand.

To develop a balanced and calm state of mind for your dog.

Advantages of the Boot Camp over other programs...

Consistent, daily training:

Regular and consistent training/rehabilitation is necessary for effective results and is sometimes difficult to obtain while running a household, too.

Repetition forms habit. Good habits and behaviors are reinforced on a daily basis.

The training environment is friendly, not ominous to the dogs. Training/rehabilitation must be fun for your dog if he is to excel.

At K9 Instincts, there are several rehabilitated dogs that will heavily influence your dog(s) to relax and become balanced and calm.

Faster learning in a new environment:

Your dog will be more receptive to new procedures in an unfamiliar atmosphere.

Once your dog has learned to obey and be calm while surrounded by dogs and other distractions at K9 Instincts you will find that it is much easier to keep his attention in everyday situations.

Both dog and owner can be easily distracted in a group class. Concentration is a must when trying to achieve the highest level of obedience/control.

In-home training is great for many, but both dog and owner tend to be a little too 'comfortable' and are often unable to concentrate fully. Also, many dogs require being out of their usual environment in order to succeed.

Important Requirements...

You must bring proof that your dog is current on ALL required vaccinations  ---  A) Distemper  B) Bordatella  C) Rabies  (dog must have current Rabies tag on collar)

You must bring proof of a VERY RECENT fecal exam  --- The fecal exam should be done no more than 7 days, but no less than 3 days, prior to your dog's stay at K9 Instincts. Your dog must be free of fleas and other parasites, both internal and external, before staying at K9 Instincts. You will be financially responsible if your dog infects/infests any other dogs at K9 Instincts.

It is recommended that you and your dog attend a private evaluation lesson prior to the board and train.

Only dogs from 7 months to 10 years of age will be accepted. (This requirement is strictly adhered to, due to maturity levels, as well as potty training issues that take up precious training time.)

No female dogs in season will be accepted. If your female comes into heat while at K9 Instincts she will be sent home and the training will be completed after the dog's heat cycle has finished.

Please bring any and all medications that your dog may currently be taking; please include all instructions.

You must bring a new, unopened bag of your dog's own food. Please bring any other food/supplements your dog may be eating.

Your dog will live in a household atmosphere. If your dog is not a chewer, you may wish to provide a bed or blanket for bedtime. For older dogs, it is recommended that you bring both a bed and a blanket.

Please bring your dog's regular collar with tags on it. No need to leave your dog's leash at K9 Instincts.

Please limit toys, bones, etc., to a minimum. One or two of each will do just fine. Please do not bring rawhide chews, rope toys, stuffed animals or any toys/chews that are smaller than a tennis ball (unless you have a very small dog) K9 Instincts furnishes Nylabone® and Kong® toys for all dogs and provides tennis balls for playtime.

Please do not bring kennels, dishes or anything that is not listed above... thank you!

NOTE: Nosodes will NOT be accepted as a form of vaccination replacement for the board and train program. (No vaccination is 100% effective, nor are nosodes. In fact, nosodes do not produce titers against diseases like a vaccination would, so they are not vaccine replacements. I have been giving my animals the vaccinations required/offered for my entire life, whether for cats, dogs or horses and have seen no adverse side effects, ever. In my opinion, nosodes are kind of like herbal remedies for humans. Meaning the synthetic drugs and vaccinations used to treat and prevent diseases and other illnesses work very quickly and are usually very effective, whereas the herbal equivalents need to be taken for MUCH longer periods of time before they will do their job, if they ever do.)

If your dog is NOT at least partially potty trained K9 Instincts will NOT accept your dog for the board and train program.


Important Notes:

The Basic Obedience, Aggression Rehabilitation and Behavior Modification Boot Camp requires your dog(s) to stay with K9 Instincts for 28 days. Visitations by owners are heavily discouraged due to heightened levels of separation anxiety that dogs suffer when they have to watch their owners leave more than once. If this occurs K9 Instincts will have to start the bonding process all over again which will take away from the number of days actually spent training your dog. If you can't stand to be away from your dog for the required length of time, then the Board and Train is probably not the program for you. If this is the case, the private lesson program is suggested and K9 Instincts will instead teach you how to train your own dog. (This is not recommended for Aggression Rehabilitation)

You will pick up your dog from K9 Instincts on the 28th day of the Boot Camp. Your dog must not view you as his/her 'savior' from training, so it is of utmost importance that you perform a proper greeting when you are asked to enter the training area - NO TOUCH, NO TALK and NO EYE CONTACT. If you show excitement when visiting your dog for the first time in a month he/she will view you as a 'littermate'. True pack leaders do not get 'excited', they remain calm and assertive at all times.

Call or email today to schedule a private evaluation lesson (due to overwhelming amounts of 'spam', please do not change the subject line of emails, otherwise your email may be deleted).

Please, serious inquiries only.



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