Our Training Philosophy

The K9 Instincts philosophy is centered around the belief that energy is constantly being generated by both people and dogs, and the way that this energy is perceived by the dog determines the exact way in which the dog will percieve you, the human. A dog sees every dog and every person as either a leader or follower. We as humans may think about qualities we believe a good leader possesses....strength, intelligence, responsible, etc. So someone of these qualities you would seem to think "has it all". In most cases, this can be true, but when working with dogs, they live in the moment and react to only what they sense in that moment. So this usually "strong, intelligent" leader might be having a bad day and come home to his dogs very frustrated and even angry. He is projecting this frustrated, angry energy to his dogs and in a dog's world this energy is perceived only one way, WEAK. Dog's don't care what your corner office at work looks like or how much you last commission check was worth. They only see you in your present state, which when frustrated, anxious, etc, is WEAKNESS. In the wild, weak energy is attacked and often removed from the pack for its own survival. At home, your weak energy will draw your dogs to you and possibly incline them to see an opening for them to challenge for that "top spot" in the house. We must always be aware of our energy, both in the presence of our dogs and in our daily life, because how you practice life is how you will live.

This is just one of the many daily real-world struggles that people face with their dogs and relationships. Our dogs are mirrors of our own issues. We must work on ourselves before we can ever expect a change out of our dogs. If we display frustrated, angry, unbalanced energy consistently in our daily lives, then we can only expect to see the same energy from our dogs. With that being said, there is ONE simple solution to this problem, the next problem and ANY dog training problem that may ever arise....and the answer will enlighten you to see how it's application can be applied endlessly throughout your daily lives as well. We will teach you this answer of all questions related to dog training and show you how to implement it into your lives, with the overall goal of gaining control of your dog and creating a healthy, balanced dog/owner relationship.







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