Going On Vacation?

Might be a good time to get your dog's behavior on the right track while you are away!

Doggy Boot Camp:
This boarding program is tailored to dog owners who may not have the time or physical capability to follow through on the original foundation work, so K9 Instincts builds this foundation for them. This is a minimum 2 week course where your dog physically boards with K9 Instincts Training Academy and recieves basic obedience training along with any slight behavioral modifications that were talked about at the consultation or phone conversation. Sometimes, former consultation clients may still seem overwhelmed and decide to go for the Doggy Boot Camp program after their initial consultation. In this case, we will credit 75% of your consultation cost toward your Boot Camp program if this option is chosen.

Your dog will learn to walk on a loose leash and will be able to hold commands under heavy distraction. Your dog will also be socialized with our stable pack and other balanced dogs during its time with us. Your cost also includes a Dogtra remote collar training system*. The remote collar system is used very humanely and it is imperative that you as the owner understand and feel comfortable using the collar as well. Because we feel such great responsibility to ensure that each collar is used by it's owner in the correct human manner, we spend and extra week of transitioning your dog back from under our control to your home (this is also why we will NEVER sell a remote collar system without the training). We must be certain that you are in control of your dog and have a ease of use with the collar system before K9 Instincts hands all control back to the owner. Then, one follow up visit will ensue to make sure that the training is being followed through on a daily basis.

Doggy Boot Camp package includes:
K9 Instincts personalized training packet outlining all obedience covered in your training, one (1) K9 Instincts T-shirt, Dogtra remote collar system (fully waterproof and 2 year warranty), a framed personalized graduation certificate, special slip rope leash for each dog in program, two (2) follow up lessons after transition period and lifetime of free phone/email follow up consultations.

Have more than one dog? We'll help you out!
For customers with multiple dogs, purchase one Doggy Boot Camp program and your second dog for same program is $200 off! A third dog is $400 off!
*Boot Camp program still possible without use of Remote Collar Training System. Program may differ in duration and/or cost. Please contact us for details.

Boarding Services:
K9 Instincts offers full-service boarding. All dogs are housed indoors in clean, sanitary conditions and appropriate sized kennels (based upon size of dog). Our kennel area is cleaned daily and has open room for group socialization if dogs are deemed suitable to do so by K9 Instincts.* All group socialization is done under strict supervision of K9 Instincts staff. Special needs, medications and dietary concerns are not an issue, as we will follow your special instruction to be sure your dog is well cared for and comfortable during its stay with us. K9 Instincts is proud to offer NO EXTRA CHARGE for providing normal "dog related" care to your four legged friend, including a daily quality walk. Adminstering of provided medications, special dietary instructions, etc. are included in your boarding fee! This may sound like it should be an industry standard (as it sure does to us!), but most facilities will charge extra for dogs with special needs/requirements. All of our dogs are walked a minimum of once a day for a minimum 1/2 hour walk. Dogs will be taken outdoors for additional exercise/potty breaks a minimum of 3 times per day (in addition to their daily walk). Dogs will be fed (owner provided food) morning and evening unless otherwise noted on owner's special feeding instructions.

K9 Instinct's boarding facility is not a "doggy day spa," in that we focus less on "over-pampering" our dogs and more on providing a healthy, exercise filled predictable pattern to maintain a structure that a well-balanced dog needs.

Your dog will feel at home here. We believe in a well-rounded, well-structured predictable daily pattern for each dog, and that is exactly what your dog will receive. You can spend less (or more) at other boarding facilities, but at K9 Instincts, we will IMPLEMENT our philosphy daily with your dog, which means a healthy dose of exercise, discipline and affection...in that order! Your dog will have the advantage of trained professionals monitoring socialization periods, walks, play, etc...so your dog won't be practicing those unwanted behaviors while with us...and remember, PRACTICE MAKES PERMANENT! K9 Instincts prides itself on giving a dog what it needs during it's time with us...which is the freedom to just be a dog!
*Aggressive dogs or dog's showing possible aggression will not be permitted to join group socialization sessions. All dogs will be assessed K9 Instincts staff before boarding.
**K9 Instincts will guide you on how a Halti should correctly fit your dog, either over the phone or in person upon commencent of boarding. We stock all sizes of Halti's for your convenience if necessary.

Boarding Rates:
Current/former K9 Instincts clients: $30/day
Non-K9 Instincts clients: $40/day

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